Enjoy a unique and exciting experience spotting dolphins aboard a boat on the coast of Benalmádena! Our yacht is equipped with everything you need for an exciting, comfortable, and safe trip. With an experienced skipper at the helm, you’ll head to the waters where the dolphins gather.

A unique dolphin spotting experience in their natural habitat

Nothing compares to the thrill of seeing dolphins playing in the sea. And what better way to enjoy this experience than on a luxury yacht with a skipper, sailing through the waters of the Mediterranean. Watching dolphins in their natural habitat is an exciting and fascinating experience that you’ll also enjoy aboard a luxury yacht.

Enjoy the excitement and beauty of watching dolphins jumping and swimming around the boat

You’ll be able to see these playful animals jumping and swimming around the boat, delighting in their beauty and agility. As you sail through the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, you’ll enjoy the excitement and joy that dolphins bring as they swim and play close to the boat. There’s nothing more rewarding than having the opportunity to witness the wonder of nature in its pure and wild state.

Daily departures from the Benalmádena Marina for dolphin spotting and enjoying the coast

We have daily departures starting at 10 am. With experienced skipper and sailor and all the necessary safety measures to ensure an unforgettable day with maximum safety.

Departures from the Benalmádena Marina (Puerto Marina), sailing along the Costa del Sol, enjoying the beautiful Alborán Sea and the wonderful views of the coast. And, in addition, we can enjoy the company of dolphins, and even take a dip with them, usually it’s easy to locate them.

A safe and equipped boat for a unique experience

An activity that is enjoyed by both adults and children, with maximum experience, safety, and comfort that comes with sailing on a yacht with an expert crew taking care of every detail so that you can enjoy a surprising trip in search of the most endearing marine mammals.

Watching dolphins in Benalmádena

The Mediterranean Sea, and specifically the Alborán Sea, on the coast of Málaga, is a destination that attracts all kinds of visitors, a great variety of marine fauna, including dolphins! The magnificent temperature of its waters and the richness of its seabed make this sea a wonderful habitat for many species, and the influx of the Atlantic Ocean makes it a good place for the passage of many cetaceans.

The presence of these cetaceans is so close to the coasts that dolphins can be spotted from a boat just a few kilometers deep, with the coast of Málaga being a very important place for dolphin watching in the wild.

Most common dolphin species in Málaga

The possibility of seeing dolphins in Benalmádena, Málaga, is very high. The most common species that can be seen are the Bottlenose Dolphin, Striped Dolphin, and Common Dolphin, which can be seen almost all year round. On occasion, turtles can also be spotted.

Bottlenose Dolphin

It is the most common and well-known species. Its size varies from 2.5 meters to 4 meters and its weight ranges from 200-650 kilograms. Blue in color on the back and white on the belly.

Striped Dolphin

A resident species in the Strait of Gibraltar, about 2.5 meters long and up to 100 kilograms. They are characterized by their blue-gray and white stripes on the sides, gray back, and white or pink belly. They feed on fish, cephalopods, and some crustaceans.

Common Dolphin

It is a resident species in the Strait of Gibraltar, which moves in groups of about 30 individuals, and is often found together with the striped dolphin. They can reach up to 2.5 meters in length and weigh around 80 kilograms. They have a dark back and a white belly, with a yellowish color near the head. Their diet mainly consists of fish and squid.

The importance of dolphin conservation in their natural habitat

It is important to remember that dolphins are wild animals and their conservation is crucial to maintain the balance of marine ecosystems. At Yo te Espero, we comply with laws that guarantee the maintenance of the normal life of Mediterranean dolphins.

The best time to spot dolphins in Benalmádena

It is important to note that dolphins cannot be spotted year-round in Benalmádena. The best time to see dolphins is in the summer months, between June and September, when weather conditions are more favorable and dolphins are more active. During this time of year, the waters are warmer and calmer, making dolphins more visible and active on the water’s surface.

However, it is important to note that since they are in their natural habitat, the presence of dolphins cannot be guaranteed 100%, although it is very likely that you will spot them.

A complete experience on the coast of Benalmádena

Thanks to our privileged location, in addition to discovering wild dolphins, we will add to the experience with stunning views of the Benalmádena coast from the open sea. You can see the mountains, beaches, and picturesque villages along the coast while you relax and enjoy the sun and fresh breeze.

Contact us and book your excursion to spend an unforgettable day in the company of these wonderful cetaceans.

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